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1000 Flags /1000 Waters: Tributaries to Convergence

Ten Invitations to Create Your Own Water Flags

1. Rip.

Find some repurposed blue fabric: sheets, curtains, even clothing. Make a small cut in the edge if necessary. Rip a strip out. 2-4 inches in width works best. Length is your choice and often determined by fabric size.

2. Cut.

Take a piece of fabric. Fold in half, then half again, then half again until you have a small area to cut. Cut one wavy line. Estimate 2-4 inches below. Cut another wavy line. Unfold. Marvel. Enscribe the name of your creek, river, or any named waterway on it.

3. Swallowtail.

Cut a triangle from a strip folded in half, bottom up, towards folded edge.

4. Unroll.

Choose some wide, blue ribbon. Cut it into desired length. Enscribe. Attach.

5. Attach.

Place your flag on a phoenix pole or a strip of fabric to hang. Tie them on, use duct tape (they make it in blue!), use safety pins. You can also tie the flags on a fence, on your car antenna, on the branches of trees. Carry clothespins to clip them to ropes or tents.

6. Scribe.

Choose a creek, river, or any named waterway threatened by the MVP or ACP and write it on your flag with white acrylic paint, silver sharpies or white paint pens.

7. Immerse.

Dip your flag in the water body it is representing. A blessing, a baptism, a sanctification. Create your own ritual. You may take your flag to the water or bring the water to the flag. You might ask spiritual leaders or friends you respect to join you.

8. Invite.

Bring your local community and media to witness when and how you make the flag your own. Take pictures and video. Share media with us so we can share even further.

9. Request.

If you have an event where you’d like to display or utilize 1000 water flags, let us know. We will bring them or send them. Just ask. The water will flow.

10. Converge.

Join your tributary with other communities who are committed to protecting their water. Show up if you possibly can or send water flag delegation. You will know when.